A Foldabot that appears in December 2013 K-Zone.


Lakbay is a FOLDABOT strategist filled with ancient knowledge. A veteran warrior from the DARK AGES, his experience in combat and warfare makes him an intelligent ally in the battlefield. He lacks speed, but his weapons and precise hits make him great at melee combat.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • The agimat on LAKBAY's chest gives him spirit energy.
  • His staff can disable LUTABOT circuitry.
  • His blade is made up of condensed toxic particles collected from the air.

Vintage Car modeEdit

  • His roof conceals solar energy collectors.
  • His headlights conceal photon blasters.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 2

Strength: 2

Speed: 3

Special Skill: 5

Create Your Own Foldabots 2-in-1 Toy!Edit

  1. CUT out all patterns along the colored outlines.
  2. FOLD along all the broken lines.
  3. GLUE Head and Belt to Main Body as labeled. (Fig.1)
  4. GLUE Main Body to itself. (Fig.2)
  5. GLUE each Arm to itself. (Fig.3)
  6. GLUE Sleeve to itself. Repeat for Hand R. (Fig.4)
  7. GLUE Roof to Main Body. (Fig.5)
  8. GLUE Hand R and one Light to Arm R as labeled. GLUE Hand L and one Light to Arm L as labeled. (Fig.6)
  9. GLUE Sleeve to Arm R. (Fig.7)
  10. GLUE Arms to Main Body. (Fig.8)
  11. GLUE Wheels to Main Body as labeled. (Fig.9)


SLIP Legs into the slits under his belt.

GLUE Staff Side A to Staff Side B.

SLIP into Sleeve.


KEEP Legs and Staff inside the car.


  • Lakbay means journey, pilgrim, voyage and to travel.
    • Lakbay turns into vehicle mode.
    • Lakbay into Foldabot mode.

Though it says "Vintage Car", Lakbay is actually a "Rolls-Royce 20/25" [http://]  . Edit

Preceded by Tulos

Followed by Elesiyo

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