Laigerogue, the powerful insect Foldabot that feuded with Bugbog was the genius and smacked out of his evil demeanor that hates evil things or evil stuff who lives to serve with Patibong as a trainee. His powerful arms and tough beetle body are superior impenetrable. In Foldabot, he carries tusk axe, a powerful weapon from which he gets to rip all the tangling weeds and many others from his confidence and strength.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • An agimat-living on his Laigerouge's plate.
  • He is protected by ridged armor plate.
  • He can rip all tangle weeds and other tangle stuff.
  • He uses his temporary speed mode for his speed.

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle modeEdit

  • He can stag all over the place.


  • Laigerogue root word rouge means "causing damage".

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