Kuryenticon or kuryente
Kuryenticon is lutabot that was mined-wipe by lu-sho like Riles and Gaseratron. And also was Kuryente when he was a Foldabot mini's. Kuryenticon destroyed Elementron, for those unlucky people who can afford a computer but not a comic book. Poor you.


Similar to to Gaseratron,Kuryenticon was once a foldabot ,but he's been brainwashed by Lu-sho's lutant mind-wipe.Formerly named Kuryente, a trusty Neo-republika repairbot ,he now uses his special skills to shock Foldabot forces with an an energy boomerang and cause city-wide blackouts. Kuryenticon turns into Kontrolion's right leg ,and his service ladder becomes Kontrolion's lightning-spitting mecha dragon head


Kuryenticon is an orange Foldabot turned Lutabot with a lutant splat on his left eye. He has glass on his head witch might be a telescopic device. Like all Lutabots, he has a life giving Lutant Splat on his chest.


Intelligence 4

Kuryenticon in Lutabot Mode.

Endurance 2

Strength 5

Speed 2

Special skill 5


Lutabot Mode


  • -His service Ladder is a concealed weapon
  • -His hands emit high voltage
  • -He can throw a lightning boomerang

Electrical service Truck modeEdit

  • -His service ladder is a collects energy from the sun
  • -He has a special plating that protects his body from electric shock

How to make KuryenticonEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns on the toycard. Follow the green lines.
  1. Fold along all broken lines.
  1. GLUE Main Body to itself to form the front cab of the truck.
  1. GLUE the Combination Sleeve to itself.
  1. GLUE the Combination Sleeve behind KURYENTICON's chest.
  1. GLUE Tires 1-4 to the Main body as labeled.
  1. GLUE Arms to the Main Body.
  1. GLUE Bucket to itself.
  1. GLUE Ladder 1 to itself. Do the same for Ladder 2.
  1. GLUE Ladder 1, Ladder 2 and Bucket together.
  1. SLIP Ladder to combination sleeve. DO NOT GLUE THIS.


  • Kuryenticon's old name "Kuryente" means electricity.
  • Kuryenticon is the fourth to change sides. the first being, Sulatron, the second, Riles and the third, Gaseratron.
  • Kuryenticon has a different look compared to his old mode while Riles stayed the same.
  • Kuryenticon's toy picture looks different compared to the final cardboard cut-out.
  • The logo on Kuryenticon's ladder bucket is similar to the Meralco logo.
  • Kuryenticon,Gasratron and Riles seem's like replace Lobo,Kulog,Dakotron


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