Kuraduce has parking the supermarket in highway.

Kuraduce is a black race car Foldabot and he's going to strikes Violeta she's the antagonize bot' and take the hell of what the race is beng reinstated or convicted to his mission has nothing, to tell her she's weak because she doesn't have racing style model. He was a sports car in alternate mode.


  • Kure R33

Horsepower: 556hp

Body style: 2-door coupe

Engine: 2.6 L

Transmission: 5-speed automatic


Foldabot modeEdit

  • His spoiler acts like sword or dark blade to cut through metals.
  • His armor to protect his body damage.
  • The life-giving agimat on his chest plate.

Race car modeEdit

  • His designed made of "Kure" racing style and his paint job black.
  • He has sport-tuned motor.
  • He has trunk to carry all agimat balls.


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