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Alternate Mode:
Digital Watch
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

Miko revives Kulog, an avian jet guardian specially designed for him (with Blup riding shotgun in a special porthole). Kulog's powers include sonic booms and lightning beams. This foldabot can mass-shift and fold into Mik

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o's blue digital watch when needed, and forms the rear part of the Bakunawa dragon when combined with Aura-san 1 and 3.


Kulog is like a blue bird that resembles a jet. He has a cockpit on his "bird head" like an ordinary jet where Miko lies and a special cockpit for Blup. The agimat is in front of Blup's cockpit.


  • Boosters for reaching higher altitudes and supersonic speed
  • Polarized ultra-enhanced cockpit window for optimum visibility


Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 4

Strength: 2

Speed: 5

Special skill: 4


  1. Cut out all the patterns follow the red lines
  2. Fold all the green lines
  3. Glue watch top to watch bottom
  4. Glue cockpit to watch front area
  5. Glue tail to watch rear area
  6. Insert wing flaps to slits. SLIP ON paper clips on both sides to make wings stable


  • Kulog means "thunder".
  • It is revealed that Kulog can see what Uwak sees thanks to his "Avian Sight"
  • Because of Kulog's appearance, he resembles the Naboo N-1 Starfighter from Star Wars.
  • Kulog is the only Aura-San to not have any eyes
  • In the Dark Ages,Kulog,Dakotron,and Lobo were on the opposite side with the former Lu-Sho.In the Dark Ages,former Liyab helped them and the 3 turned good.


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