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This is Kontrolion

Kontrolion is the combination of the supremobots.


Kontrolion is the third lutabot combiner that destroys neo republika he is the combination of Gaseratron, Kuryenticon, Amihanator and Tigastron.


  • His tail can do electric attacks.
  • He has claws made of solidified waste.
  • He has a jetpack for flight missions.

How to Build KontrolionEdit

Assemble the headEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns on the toycard.Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold along all broken lines.
  3. GLUE neck to itself .
  4. GLUE neck to head as labeled.

Combine all supremobotsEdit

  2. CLIP TIGASTRON's left tail using a paper clip.Then clip TIGASTRON's right body to AMIHANTOR's right tail using another paper clip.
  3. SLIP a paper clip into the flat end of KURYENTICON's service ladder.
  4. CLIP the service ladder into KONTROLION's rear.
  5. CLIP GASERATRON's gas tanks onto AMIHANATOR's plane wings.
  6. SLIP AMIHANATOR's head into KONTROLION's neck slit.


  • He is the 3rd lutabot combiner.
  • He is one of 3rd toughest lutabot combiner.
  • He is the second combiner with an appearance of a dragon, Bakunawa Dragon was the first.
  • Unlike the other Lutabot combiners,Kontrolion is only the one who has 4 members.
  • This combiner is made up of mind-controlled Foldabots.
  • He is the only lutabot combiner without a leader.Although some believe it's Amihanator,but it has not been confirmed yet.
  • Kontrolion is only the lutabot combiner that has jetboosters.
  • Kontrolion possibly replaces Dakotron, Kulog and Lobo as these 3 changed sides.


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