'BIO':THE LUTABOT CHEMICAL ENGINEER Ü== KONKRETRON is more at a mad alchemist than a chemical engineer.He carries a big handy mixer on his back,on which he can concoat the most corrosive pollutants,which he then spews whenever he wishes-like on FOLDABOTS.Konkretron also has a claw that cuts deep into metal to secrete poisonous chemicals that weaken the foes.Fortunately,his poor aim means that it's his fellow LUTABOTS who oftens end up suffering painful chemical burns!He and his best bud PISON are two of LUSHO'S most valuable minions.(Extra Info)They usually gang up on FOLDABOT LIYAB.


  • His cannon arm allows him to extract chemicals and use it as a weapon.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 1

Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Special Skill: 5


  • Konkretron's root "Konkreto" means Concrete.
  • Konkretron like Pison have part of his vehicle mode to be part of his body.In this case his cement barrel turns into his left arm.
  • Konkretron said when he debuted in the comics that he was an alchamist of the Armado Clan.
  • Konkretron's debut in the comics show he can use the cement barrel in vehicle mode too.
  • Konkretron, like Nuno has a monocle.
  • Konkretron is the only foldabot where only one arm is tucked in due to the fact that his cannon arm makes up part of the Truck Barrel.
  • Konkretron has a mustache and dude to this he looks old.
  • In the Comics he was once mistaken because he has a talk balloon but he's not Talking

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