Komyutatron is the combination of Busado, Rumbado, Bangga, Bunggo and Riles. Komyutatron has two pollution fingers. He appeared in the May 2011 issue of K-Zone magazine. He is the toughest lutabot combiner because he killed buhawi.


Komyutatron is a yellow, red, blue, grey and white lutabot combiner and is the second lutabot combiner.also known as the big faced jerk with a mask of a skull.



  • He can shoot by Bangga and Bunggo's cannons at the bottom of his legs.
  • He can pull out Bangga and Bunggo's cannons to use either as a gun/ cannon or a sword.
  • He can use also his arms with solified toxic waste by riles' arms.
  • Bangga and Bunggo's cannons can be used as a booster for temporary flight.
  • Rumbado's Waste arrows can be used as a sword.
  • Busado's Drill can be used as an arm drill.

How to Build KomyutatronEdit

Build Komyutatron's headEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns on the toycard. Follow the green lines.
  2. Fold along all broken lines.
  3. Glue KOMYUTATRON's Neck to itself. Make sure the flaps are folded out.
  4. Glue the Neck to the back of KOMYUTATRON's head.

Combine to form KomyutatronEdit

  1. Clip BANGGA and BUNGGO's car roofs together on its rear.
  2. Set BUSADO and RUMBADO vertically so that their windshields are folded out, and pointed down.
  3. Slip BANGGA and BUNGGO's hoods into BUSADO and RUMBADO's rear.
  4. Separate RILES's two parts.
  5. Slip the connectors into BANGGA and BUNGGO's slits.
  6. Slip KOMYUTATRON's head in between BANGGA and BUNGGO's roofs. Use a paper clip to keep it in place.


  • He is killed by Caloy and Dakotron in the comic issue: Rip Roaring Retribution
  • He is the second lutabot combiner.
  • He came out in May 2011 K-Zone magazine.
  • He is the first lutabot combiner that his main body has two halves.
  • He is the first lutabot combiner that has the leader as arms.
  • Komyutatron is the only Lutabot combiner without a female member so far.
  • Komyutatron is the only combiner where it's members are the same thing.
  • komyutatron might be the toughest Lutabot combiner because he killed the Foldabot leader Buhawi
  • Komyutatron`s toy form is the largest among any other combiners

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