The Komyutabots are the 2nd group of city-crushing Lutabots who transform into vehicles. These 'bots combine into Komyutatron.

Komyutabots in Komyutatron mode


The team are composed of 3 transportation vehicles despite having 5 members which are:

  • Bus (x2)
  • Utility Vehicle (x2)
  • Electric Train (x1 minus it's 2 cabs)


The members of the Komyutabots are:


  • The name root "Komyut" means "commute" showing that the vehicles they transform to are used for commuting.
  • They are the 1st team with a former Foldabot.
  • The Komyabots do not a have a combiner t-shirt as of right now.


  • He can temporarily fly with Bunggo and Bangga's cannons.
  • He can pull out the cannons to be used either as a sword or (a) blaster(s)

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