I command you Foldabots to surrender this battle.

Karta is actually a cute meaningless, and indicates like an evil ruthless nerdy-voice like Bunggo. Karta has a childlike voice to fit his own evil scheme literally too easy for surrendering Foldabots little problem.

He was a baddest go-kart was upset at discovering that his victory was a sham problem, however those formula cars are heroes make them laughing, but he hates laugh to stop and fight each other like tears no cue out has a little speed for his accelerate.

It transformed into small 4-wheeled vehicle in alternate mode.


  • Photon blasters.
  • Can wield a blaster.
  • Fire booster.

    Karta turns into go-kart in alternate mode.

  • Turbocharged energy.
  • Lutant breath.


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