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Alernate Mode:
Ground Sloth
Preceded By:
Succeeded by:

Kalmot is a blue, brown-furred and sloth-like Lutabot that appeared on the November 2010 issue of K-Zone.


Kalmot is a Lutabot warrior who can crush and destroy everything within arm's reach- if only his reflexes were a bit faster. Just like the animal he transforms into, he moves at a plodding pace. Even worse, he lacks self-confidence, which constantly makes him the butt of all the jokes among his Yelobot teammates. When not wanting to turn them into shaved ice, Kalmot combines with them to form Yelotron's right leg.


Kalmot appears as a blue and brown Lutabot. His alternate mode consists of being like Talim and Tikbalang. But despite his face is blue, It's supposed to brown.


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 2

Strength: 4

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 1


  • Kalmot's name means "scratch".
  • Kalmot's sloth face is incorrect. An ordinary Ground Sloth's face is rounded like a bear's face. His face looks more like Tikbalang's Horse head with the ears being farther out.
  • Kalmot is the fourth robot to not have the "tuck in arms" to transform. First was Tikbalang, second was Talim and the third was Pison.
  • Kalmot is the slowest among all the Yelobots.
  • Throughout Kalmot's appearance in the comics, He's barely shown in combined mode. When he IS shown, only his ears and eyes are seen or he's drawn like a boot.


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