Kalawang Robot Mode
Gender Male
Alternate Mode Junk APV
Appeared In K-Zone July 2012 Issue
Preceded by Azurenator and Sporticus
Followed by Tetanoc and Lutabot Diadrone


Kalawang is a rusty old can towed by his partner,TETANOC.He maybe highly vulnerable in vehicle mode because of his busted engine,but he's lethal in Lutabot Mode.His corrosive hands and toxic-glass shard swords are his deadly arms.When he and Tetanoc combine to form the LUTABOT DIADRONE,their powers merge and magnified.


Kalawang has broken windows,a busted engine and a rusted paint job.He has 3 horns on his head.Like all Lutabots he has a Lutabot splat on his chestplate.


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 1

Strength: 2

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 5


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found on KALAWANG's Chestplate .
  • His corrosive power travels via ground seismic waves.
  • He wields toxic swords made of glass shards.
  • He has faulty audio receptors and optics

Junk APV Mode Edit

  • He has a busted motor.
  • He uses his broken windows and rusted body as defensive disguises.​

How to build KalawangEdit

  1. Foldabot pattern

    Kalawang's Pattern

    CUT out all patterns along the colored lines.
  2. FOLD along broken lines.
  3. GLUE the Tires to the Main Body.
  4. GLUE Main Body L to Itself.
  5. GLUE Arms onto his shoulder.
  6. REPEAT steps 4 and 5 for Main Body R.
  7. SLIP a paperclip between Main Body L and R to keep them together.DO NUT GLUE THEM.
  • Slip swords onto his hands.
  • Keep extra rusty parts;You'll need them on the next issue of K-zone to form DIADRONE's leg armor!


  • Kalawang means "rust" in Filipino
  • With his Partner Tetanoc, They can form the Lutabot Diadrone...Kalawang is the Arms.
  • Tigastron,Kalawang and Riles are the only two Lutabots to be divided in half.
  • Azurenator, Sungay, kalawang and xi-takk are lutabots who wield swords

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