IMG 6202
Gender Male
Alternate Mode Philippine Crocodile
Appeared In August 2008
Preceded by Kuwago
Followed by Kalaw

Kagat is a green and yellow Foldabot that appeared in the August 2008 issue of the K-Zone magazine. He is part of the wild sub-group of Foldabots called the Gubabots.


kagat is a large salt water crocodile and the leader of the swamprobots he has a very rough scale can breath fire and can swim 40 miles per minute can also bite thick metal can shoot acid from its mouth and last thing about kagat he can shoot lasers onit eyes.


  • Titanium flat teeth line
  • Advanced olfactory receptors
  • Ultra-strong armor
  • Has Foldabot anima-skin technology


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 2

Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Special skill: 5

How to Make KagatEdit

  1. Fold the red lines.
  2. Cut out the patterns. Follow the blue lines.
  3. Paste Main Body to Main Body.
  4. Paste All of feet to main body.
  5. Paste Head to Main Body.


  • Kagat means to bite.
  • Kagat is the only reptile in the Gubabots.


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