Hugotinator is the nonsense Lutabot that emerges heroes and hates citizens of living hell.

He is low-tempered and hot-headed like Verdetron's emotion especially he disturbs to being ruth and cruelty to disbanded by the Neo-Republika and gets other names of city. He's got a rap sheet to get busted of victimized and again he supposed wanted in France and Serbia languages, so he desperate his other particular names before see that you can blink.

He transforms into subcompact car in alternate mode.


  • Zastava Koral

Horsepower: 63hp

Body style: 3-door hatchback

Engine: 1.3 litre

Transmission: 3-speed automatic


  • The lutant goo splat on his chest mall.
  • He can tangle with his police tape and tied all people.
  • He can pick a spare tire and toss with lutant spit.


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