Hsr-tinel is the small vicious and he obeys to dismentally all the Lutabots and the raging powers have flame


technique, but he's the four-wheel drive sports car in alternate mode.

He is no other the Lutabots, such no antagonize and really dictating word, he is cool and serious Foldabot while making the Lutabots like Riles and Kuryenticon does not talk or taking a traitor. He has a habit of telling his Foldabot to shut up to Amihanator too much. His movable fins and spoilers have to give double fins while to blasts with fire dashes on his legs.


  • 1993 Mitsubishi HSR-IV

Horsepower: 182hp

Body style: 2-door roadster

Engine: 1.6 litre V6

Transmission: 5-speed automatic


  • The life-giving agimat on his chest compartment.
  • His powerful boots have turbo blasters and dashes speed.
  • His boots to attack lutant with prolonged flare.
  • He has V6 engine motor.


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