Harukazone & Harukatron

The two planes split to build it.

Harukazone & Harukanator are white Foldabots.

They are lifesavers that are hidden his secret position to get rid of Lu-sho one by one, and they are life-giving agimats on his chest compartment. Harukazone, the spin and dizziest one to make spinning technique & Harukanator, the shooter and controller one to shoots every enemies.

They transforms into a special attacker fighter jet plane in aircraft alternate mode.


  • They can control the element of wind.
  • Their tough exostructure can withstand great pressure and most corrosive breeze.
  • They shoots gatling guns.
  • They shoots red or blue lasers.


  • Harukazone and Harukanator is named by Japanese called Haruka.
  • Harukazone and Harukanator are the second robots to rookie debut at the same time. the third was Alon & Agos.

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