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Guhitron is a silver and blue foldabot that appeared in the June2010 issue of Kzone, he can also release a blue dragon on his pen


Guhitron appears as blue and silver Foldabot that turns into a Pen. Like all other Foldabots he has a life-giving agimat glowing in his chest compartment


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 2

Strength: 3

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 4

How to build Guhitron Edit

  1. CUT out all patterns in the TOYCARD.Follow the RED LINES.
  2. FOLD all the BROKEN LINES.
  3. GLUE Chest to Main Body.
  4. FOLD Hand X in half and glue it to itself on the yellow area only.Do the same for Hand Y.
  5. GLUE Hands to Main Body as labeled.


  • Guhitron's root "Guhit", means draw.
  • Guhitron is the first robot to use another object as a weapon being the ink cartridge of the pen
  • Guhitron, along with his brother Sulatron are barely detailed due to them being very small.
  • he and sulatron were both reissued in the toy book 6

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