Grunderade is the forcer member of Rallibots.

Grunderade lives here in Donut Center.

He is one enforcer and he has a gun to shoots enemies. He's agile and concentrate behaviour Foldabot has been fulfilled with his mission side by side with Lancerouge as the super-agent, where he discovered crime and investigate the Foldabot while Lu-sho has a lutant mystery and retreats away. He know that he was to supposed fight crime and helps victims to investigate the identity. He transforms into mid-sized car mode.


  • Mitsubishi Grunder
Horsepower: 190hp


Body style: 4-door sedan

Engine: V6

Transmission: 5-speed semi-automatic


  • Can a wield with his gun.
  • His mind to someone calls for crime stealing.
  • His punches to make fire prolonged-burn.
  • He has V6 engine motor.


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