Groundouge is the intelligent, aggressive, strong, friendly, guardless, and not so badly but he's incredibly friend but

Groundouge is really, really angry on his face.



he's a warrior that fights Lu-Sho and tries punches with flame powers. He is the fire element of Foldabots and he knew that the Yelobots seems to be assault that they are bullies and mankindness. He transformed into gorilla mode.


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • His right eye with his sniper glasses and concentrated.
  • An agimat-living on his chest plate.
  • He stomp on the ground and stuns enemies.
  • His punches blasts and turns into fireblasts.

Gorilla ModeEdit

  • His jaws that bites enemies.
  • His feet that he stomps and stuns enemies on the ground.
  • His claws that crashes enemies.
  • He taunts over Lutabots.

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