Fury Of The Elements
Fury Of The Elements
Writer Jill Arwen Posadas
Penciller Jomike Tejido
Inker Jomike Tejido
Letterer Jomike Tejido
Colorist Joel Chua & Teddy Pavon
Publication information
Publisher K-Zone
Pages 4
General information
Era Futuristic Philippines
Part of Foldabots Comics
Preceded by Attack Of The Lutants
Followed by Evil Is Lu-sho

Fury Of The Elements is the fifth episodic comic of the Foldabots Comics. This comic appeared in the September 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


The comic then reveals the giant Foldabot from the previous comic, Attack Of The Lutants who freezes the attacking garbage filled monsters and transforms into a fire truck, shattering them. After eliminating the monsters, Patrol and Liyab reveal the historic past about the tree which was a vortex and a gateway to the ancient past, where a fierce battle raged. Then Patrol mentioned that the garbage filled monsters are called Lutants, Liyab then suggests that they need some reinforcements. The reinforcements then were revealed to be the Elementrobots a subgroup of Foldabots who control the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. After the Elementrobots introduced themselves, Caloy's dad was ambushed from the back by numerous Lutants.





  • Lutants
    • Garbagators


  • 1st appearance of the Elementrobots.
  • Caloy's Dad appears again.