The mini Foldabots are a group of Foldabots released behind the boxes of known product such as pretzels or Band-aids. They have no stats, abilities, and bio. During the first part, 20 Foldabots with Jack n Jill Pretzels. The second part released 5 Foldabots known as the Medibots and 5 Lutabots known as the Sugabots with Mediplast Checker Strips.

Part OneEdit

These 20 Foldabots were released with Jack and Jill Pretzels. Alternate modes are right to the name.

  • indicates this Foldabot Mini is reissued.
  • Text highlighted in bold are the changes made when reissued (Foldabot/Lutabot, name and alt.mode).

The following were released:

-Azul (Later changes sides to become Azurenator.) (Blue car, later Sports car)*

-Kuryente (Later changes sides to become Kuryenticon.) (Electric Service Truck)*

-Hatid (School Bus)

-Riles (Later changes sides to become leader of the Komyutabots.) (Front part of an Electric Train)*

-Karga (reissued to Toybook 5, became a pick-up trailer and change color from brown to yellow)(Delivery Truck)

-Ipo-Ipo (News Helicopter like Tutubi but Yellow)

-Batak 1 and 2 (Green Trailer Truck)

-Violeta (Later changes sides to become one of the Sporticons) (Violet Car, later Sports car)*

-Verde (Later changes sides to become Verdetron.) (Green Car, later Sports car)*

-Sagip (Ambulance)

-Tigas (Later changes sides to become Tigastron.) (Armored Car)*

-Amihan (Later changes sides to become Amihanator.) (Red Jet, later Passenger Plane)*

-Habagat (Blue Jet)

-Bilis (F1 racecar similar to Karera but in Yellow)

-Talyer (Blue Tow Truck)

-Ikotron (Jeepney like Pasada)

-Buhat 1 and 2 (Later changes sides to become Buhatron.) (Purple Trailer Truck)*

-Barena (reissued to Toybook 5 and his color changed from brown to yellow.)(Construction Auger)

Part 2Edit

These 10 Foldabots had 2 teams with 5 members that are 5 Foldabots known as Medibots and 5 Lutabots known as Sugabots respectively.


-Bilis (Medibots) (Rescue Helicopter similar to Tutubi)

-Ginhawa (Modified Trailer Truck Head)

-Sangga (Yellow Car)

-Galing (Ambulance similar to Sagip)

-Bisa (Delivery Truck similar to Karga)



-Gasgas (Green and Violet Car)

-Galos (Green Trailer Truck)

-Impeksyon (Green Jet)

-Sakit (Tanker Truck)

-Paltos (Jeepney like Rangkada)