Exfreeze is right to the back of Skyscher.

He was been the member of Mikrocons and he's supported by the Thullirebots in every battle of their challenger


even adventures. As this moment, he's wisest and unbenevolent, he remembers wants to clarity all these pollutants to take out the trash and has powers have chill powers, when this Foldabot, they can remember to navigate our groups of the Mikrocons gets boiled by the evil side of the three thugs Mikropobots, says the word real and scary. His powers have ice to freeze and chill and the signature force have ice crush to breaks Lutabots down and out. He part of Mikrotron's right leg.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • His ice to chill, he can crush the ice and the Lutabots breaks through metals.
  • His hands have ice to freeze enemies.
  • Can a wield of rifle with ice bullets.

Micro Wagon car modeEdit

  • He has 8-seats passengers.
  • He has air-conditioner cooler.


  • Exfreeze has a word "freeze" means chill.
  • Exfreeze was tagalog of the word "freeze" means yelo.

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