Exerwave is the leader of the Rilecons and his captain Exerbolt.


Exerwave is a blue, red and white Foldabot which he transforms into high-speed service train in alternate mode. Like all the Foldabots, he's acquaintance and he knew that has no prophecy and he knew his slightly, than he's friends LiyabAlakdan and all the leaderships of Foldabots. His dashfully and his strong enough to seen the broken bridge and the unknown train to stop and he pushes his strength has ultimate agimat force with his superpower of his muscle-powered force. And he's the powerhouse kindness Foldabot has ever seen.


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • His hands to pushes any stoppers and his agimat force on his chest to make stopper.
  • His hands have water blasts.
  • He has agimat on his chest mall.

High-speed Service Train ModeEdit

  • His accelerate to make it normal speed.
  • His brakes to make stopped.
  • He has 16-seats to make a passengers.
  • He has night vision to make unseen.



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