Electricus is the combined form of the Kuryentebots Tagas, Sigg-nal and Buhos.


Electricus is the foldabot combiner who was sent by Buhawi to help Kidlat's squad in beating the toxicons and the former foldabot now lutabot Basag. Electricus has all the powers of all three kuryentebots. This major bot can put a blackout city back to life which is why he is powerful enough to beat toxicus.


  • A life-giving agimat is located on Electricus' chest
  • His legs hides a secret water storage which he can use as a trap for enemies by electricuting it.
  • ‎His hands can emit seriously high voltage electricity blast which is enough to power up a black out city and to shock lutabots
  • ‎He is protected to the electromagnetic spectrum
  • He can see through very bright places


  • He is the second foldabot combiner to have three members. (the first one being Bakunawa Dragon)
  • He shares the same way of combining with toxicus.
  • ‎It might be speculated that Kuryenticon as a foldabot and Kuryentebots were allies since they both share the power of electricity.