Eclipseprime is a stealth member of Rallibots.

He made of his speed was the tuning race car driver, that drives every direction to keep chasing those lutant police car and shoots the lutants, that he can dodge his powercharged and makes to fight in this round and out. He was too charming and keen makes the Foldabots that can fixed our jobs and even challenged the Lutabots. He transforms into sport compact in alternate mode.


  • Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Horsepower: 210hp

Body style: 2-door coupe

Engine: Turbo Inline-four

Transmission: 5-speed manual


  • His speed with powerful dashing boots.
  • His speed attacks with powerful multiple jabs.
  • He has turbo engine motor.
  • He has prolonged burn on his dashing boots and burn enemies.


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