Daupherture is the adult Foldabot that he lives in gas station and takes his job with his two partners. Although he
doesn't stubborn was a capable for supermini in alternate mode and he really that he hates to be tiniest and weakest foldabot in the world? While he doesn't exist he blasts in car mode the headlights flashes and stuns enemies with plasma magnesium like a camera flash and targets with a rear mirror reach the sun and hits the other Lutabots to blind enemies. He transformed into the 1967 Renault Dauphine and turns into supermini car in alternate mode.


  • Renault Dauphine

Horsepower: 32hp

Body style: 4-door sedan

Engine: Inline-four engine

Transmission: 4-speed manual


  • He uses rear view mirrors and connect the sun to blind enemies.
  • He have I4 engine motor.
  • His headlights like a camera and flash enemies.


  • Daupherture is actually based in [1].

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