Gender male
Alternate Mode Digital watch
Appeared In May 2009
Preceded by {{{preceded by}}}
Followed by Kulog
Dakotron first appeared at the special edition 2009 k-zone magazine.


Caloy desperately wishes to help his foldabot buddy, Astig, but is highly vulnerablein human form. Punching the mystical Balete tree in desperation, he accidentally revives the first Aura-san, reads Caloy's desire and forms into Dakotron, a bipedal mech guardian specially designed to serve Caloy and protect him and his friends in battle. This Foldabot can fit three people in his cockpit, and can mass-shift and fold into a Caloy's Digital watch when needed. Dakotron forms the central part of the Bakunawa Dragon.


Dakotron is silver foldabot who walks on two claw-like feet. He has to extendable claw arms which can be retracted. he has a cockpit near the rear where Caloy seats. The agimat is in front of the cockpit.


  • Claw's Multiply Caloy's arm strength 1000 times to enable him to carry or destroy large objects
  • Bipedal features allows for better maneuverability in tight spots
  • Polarized ultra-enhanced cockpit window for optimum visibility


Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 3

Strength: 5

Speed: 3

Special skill: 4


  1. Cut out all the patterns follow the red lines cut the blue lines
  2. Glue the watch face to itself by joining the side panels as labeled
  3. Glue arms L & R to watch face
  4. Glue cockpit to watch face by joining cockpit flaps A, B, C and D to the corners
  5. Glue part RF to the left leg as labeled Glue LF to right leg as labeled
  6. Glue left leg to itself glue right leg to itself
  7. Curl RF and LF and insert pointer into the slits in the left and right legs
  8. attach left and right legs to the slits on the sides of the watch face.


  • Dakotron's root word, "Dakot" means "get"
  • Dakotron is the only Foldabot that appears in a K-Zone special issue (K-Zone's Guide to surviving a bummer summer).
  • Dakotron is the 2nd Foldabot not to have a human-like robot mode. 1st was Uwak, 3rd and 4th were Kulog and Lobo respectively, while the last and 5th one is Sipit.
  • As of rigth now,Dakotron is the only member of the Aura-san to not have a Dark Ages mini-figure.
  • In the Dark Ages,Kulog,Dakotron,and Lobo were on the opposite side with the former Lu-Sho.In the Dark Ages,former Liyab helped them and the 3 turned good.

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