Cooperoude means fearless not rude.



Cooperoude is a white and british modeled on his hood and he's a rage not rude Foldabot, he was awareness and yet he's not to reluctantly to provide his powers and his skills may not be prevent his only weaponries.


He's rage, grizzler and not ruthless, also known was the rowdiness race car that he billed in Texas or even lives in Neo-Republika, that was a sheriff-like patrolbot to wield with his double guns to shots enemies and he wants tofights rage. He transforms into race car in alternate mode.


  • Austin Mini 67'

Horsepower: 220hp

Body style: 2-door saloon

Engine: I4

Transmission: 5-speed manual


  • Can he wield with double guns.
  • His guns to turns into rifles.
  • He has solar-powered to energized his agimat heals.


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