Clitcher is the member of the Forresbots.


Clitcher likes to load things like a job or work with the rest of Foldabots, the shovel makes to lift something heavy like logs,boxes and more. Clitcher sought with his magic powers on his shovel and flips Lutabots away with a shovel loader. Clitcher is generous and he's operative manners that helping people lifting together. He turns into Forrestron's left leg.



Clitcher is the number #2 comrade.


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • An agimat-living on his chest plate gives him energy. 
  • His power punch blasts into triplet laser beams.
  • His dense armor is defensively to shieldbearer.

Wheel Loader TractorEdit

  • His shovel claw is stronger in tractor that he lifts something heavy.
  • His wheels are designed to accelerated.


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