Celistrime has a light to flash and scared all lutant goop away.

Celistrime is one heroic recruit who makes to challenges races all the time. He's a powerful Foldabot with his speed and no jokes for that. On his terms has been dedicated for his races to make his training and his own way for the race.

It transformed into sports car in vehicle mode.


  • Toyota Celica SS-II Super Strut Suspension 1999

Horsepower: 182hp

Body style: 3-door liftback

Engine: 1.8 L I4

Transmission: 6-speed manual


  • Spoiler acts as a solar blade to get that lutant goop away with his lightning cure.
  • Micro-enhanced vehicular body armor.
  • Tire grips can detect oncoming vehicles and analyzing data.
  • His lower vehicular allows him to emit seismic blasts with quick jolts of lightning.


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