Celisire is a blue and red stripes and white Foldabot.



He was one runner-up to beat that Bunggo and Bangga in the rally challenge also Rumbado and Busado are the worst monster buses to fight scene and really makes them pay rise.

His personality have honor, awkwardly and friendship less he was mischievous to keep Foldabots safety.

It transformed into coupe rally car mode.


  • Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car 95'

Horsepower: 299hp

Body style: 2-door notchback 

Engine: 2.0 L turbo

Transmission: 5-speed manual


  • His headlights has night vision.
  • Photon blasters.
  • He can jump in the air.
  • His muffler acts like a flame shotgun.
  • He can throw a spare tire with a fire.
  • He has premium gasoline engine.


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