Buzzerkool, gets really get out this nightmare.

Buzzerkool is a vehicle Foldabot. He's one machinary armor on his sawblade with his one hand and cut trees. He's almost always calm not cool but in the meantime, he wants to cut tres and timbers all camping around each other. Buzzerkool is rarely angry and feuds with the Trosotron around apart that he repairs another bot' but Buzzerkool was a Foldabot alright, he tries to get out of here and he said theres no way out and hates him that make his fault and really serious guy makes them to fight and fair.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • His sawblade to cut enemies.
  • He make to cut woods and rough wood or trees.
  • His sawblade to toss and cut metals.

Machinary modeEdit

  • With a sawblade will only move if rolled on a rough surface.
  • They cut through floors or tables will not make to roll, they make cut trees instead.


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