Gender male
Alternate Mode Transporter Truck
Appeared In foldabots toy book 4
Preceded by Landas
Followed by Ultimate Agimat Force

Buhatron is a Lutabot that first appeared in Foldabots Toy Book 4.


Created to transport Lutabots disguised as sports cars, Buhatron is a powerful sentinel of Lu-Sho. His keen interest in cars makes him an ideal guardian of the flashier Lutabots. His loyalty is questionable-he does what he's told, and never complains. His submissiveness makes him a target for his fellow Lutabots, who bully him around and treat him like a servant.


Buhatron is a red and purple Lutabot. He has 3 claws on his hands. He looks as if wearing sunglasses. Like all Lutabots, he has a Lutant splat on his chest.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 5

Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Special Skill: 2


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found on Buhatron's chest plate.
  • His formidable structure can withstand heavy damage.
  • His powerful claws can pick up -or toss- vehicles.

Transporter Truck ModeEdit

  • His truck head splits into massive clawed arms.
  • The entire upper deck is a disguised solar energy panel that can disguise his cargo.
  • His armored body is impervious to corrosion.

    buhatron with rojotron


===Build the Truck Head===

1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the green outlines.
2. Fold all the broken lines.
3. GLUE one side of the Truck Head to itself with the tab labeled Side. Repeat for the other side.
4. GLUE the Roof Sleeve to itself.
5. GLUE the Sleeve to the Roof as labeled.
6. GLUE the Tires to the truck as labeled.
7. GLUE Claws to the rear end of the Truck's side walls.
8. To form the Truck, SLIP the tab into the Roof Sleeve and CLIP a paper clip on the back flap to keep the parts together.

===Build the Transporter Trailer===

9. GLUE the Trailer Bottom to itself using the tab labeled Bottom.
10. GLUE the Connector to the Trailer on the end that's labeled C.
11. GLUE the Ramp to the Trailer on the other end as labeled.
12. GLUE Side Bars 1-4 to the Trailer.
13. GLUE Rear Bar to the Trailer.
14.GLUE the tips of the Side Bars 1-4 to the Trailer Top as labeled.

===To fold into a Transporter/Robot===

1. To form into Transporter, hook the Connector into the Truck tab. To load cars on the top deck put down the ramp and fold down the rear of trailer top.
2. To form into Robot, split the Truck head into 2 parts and CLIP them to the Side Bars, beside Buhatron's face.

Coming to k-zone in 2012:Lutabot Sport Cars!


  • Buhatron's root, "Buhat" means carry.
  • Buhatron is the biggest Lutabot so far (not counting the combiners).
  • Buhatron's stats are listed with Agimats on his abilities. Probably wasn't noticed cause he's the only Lutabot in Toy Book 4.
  • Buhatron was originally Buhat from the Foldabot Minis, but his bio doesn't mention that he was once a Foldabot, meaning he could possibly be created by Lu-Sho himself.
  • Since Buhatron is a Lutabot, it's most likely that Batak, his counterpart, will be a Foldabot.
  • Because of the way Buhatron is made in Foldabot mode, it's suspected that he's hollow.
  • Buhatron looks like he has sunglasses on.
  • Buhatron's illustration shows he has 3 fingered claws, but that actual toy only has 2 fingers.
  • It was stated at the Foldabot Toy Book 4 Book Launch itself that he can carry the upcoming sports car Lutabots, but it seems that he can only carry 2 cars on his trailer.
  • In his official artwork, his truckhead contains his fingers while his toymode has the fingers on the rear.
  • In his official artwork Buhatron's has three claws while in his toy mode he has only two.


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