Bombahan 1 & 2 appears as a twin Foldabots and together, they transformed into Super Gigantic Battleship 

Bombahan 1 & 2


alternate mode.They are Kaijinator's partners and he knew that they are responsibilities are only one choose and sets someone to recognize them for their actions. They are these soldiers are fighting the lutant planes to shoots concentrated them and they are someone to team with Alon & Agos are the most friendliest Foldabots to trained them but the worse seems that they confused the stunning Lutabots was Talis and Talim are shoots harder.

He transformed into Super Gigantic Battleship alternate mode.


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • They are blasts mega cannons, machine guns and blasters attacks enemies.
  • Twin punches are teaching Alon & Agos.
  • They are using shields to defense.
  • An agimat-living on his chest plate.

Battleship ModeEdit

  • They can carried all passengers like a carrier of his emergency and takes all ambulance to support their deck.
  • They are shooot with cannons,machine guns,turrets and blasters to blasts enemies.


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