Bernulline is passionate Foldabot.He lives in cities that around in Neo-Republika and fights these guys to fight

Mi chiamo Bernulline.

crime like Patrol as a policeman.His striking with his rear wing turns into stilleto blade was armed and disarmed into rear wing again then he volatile personality and showmanship in this mission.But this time he survived his race to challenge Verdetron was humiliated by him and who knows that transformed into Italian F1 race car covered with Italian-style his bodied and challenge with his weak green car to race him.


  • His spoiler or rear wing that turns into stilleto blade and cut by paint jobs over Verdetron.

    Grazie and Arrivederci Verdetron.

  • Micro-enhanced vehicular body is resistant to damage.
  • Front air ducts increase speed.
  • Rear vents emit smokescreen.
  • Early-warning sensory region in his front wing.


  • Bernulline was Italian race car.
  • He is passionate Foldabot that challenges Verdetron.
  • He is Italian accent Foldabot.

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