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Bakunawa Dragon
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Appeared In July 2009
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Bakunawa Dragon 01

My origamized version of the Bakunawa dragon...

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The Bakunawa Dragon is a Combiner Foldabot formed by the watch combiners mainly, Dakotron, Kulog and Lobo. He is based on a Philippine mythological creature, Bakunawa who represents as a sea serpent and is often considered to be the cause of eclipses.Bakunawa was onced featured in the epic series of GMA7,Amaya..



Bakunawa Dragon is a white, red and blue Combiner with Lobo's wolf head, Dakotron's body and pincers and Kulog's wings and tail.


  • Bakunawa is the only Combiner with the least number of members, being 3.
  • Bakunawa is the only Combiner with all the members have 1 kind of alt. mode,digital watches.
  • Bakunawa is the 1st Combiner that is shape as a dragon the 2nd is Kontrolion. Coincidentally, all the members of the groups were former Lutabot and Foldabot respectively.
  • Bakunawa is the only Foldabot Combiner with members which originated from the Armado Clan.
  • Bakunawa is the 1st Combiner where a female robot is the main body. The 2nd was Kontrolion with Amihanator.


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