Bajatinel makes him with sand wipe of your face.

Bajatinel is a green subcompact car or dirt car Foldabot. He is one different with his other side cocky Lutabots to look them to real truth or consenquences, sometimes he wants to fight with anonymous ones but it actually cheerful and over exciting who drives at sandy beaches and dirt mountain to race something else. He's pretty blunt not stubborn but also heartbreak and loyal not etiquette to design his modeled of his own and  makes prettier. He transforms into 2-door saloon in alternate mode.


  • He throws with a spare tire and making a tire toss.
  • He has flaming torch out of his headlights.
  • He has oil splash hose of his finger.
  • He has fiberglass armor.
  • He can drives of sand and mountains.


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