Audicronus is a luxury car and he is fearless and naive one like Astig's emotions like cool and justice. He looks

Audicronus looks fast runner like Karera.

awesome with his paint jobs covered name tags and lots of cool things like his gadgets with speed boots to run faster, and his dashing gloves to slap faster. His friends have not to do underestimate and gets to feel badly with his emotions of his friends like a gimmick and gossip. He transforms into luxury car in vehicle mode.


  • Audi Sportback Concept 09'

Horsepower: 443hp

Body style: 5-door fastback

Engine: V6 

Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch s tronic multitronic cvt


Foldabot modeEdit

  • Speed attacks can multiple hits.
  • Speed slaps can attack combos.
  • He has dashing boots to run faster.
  • The life-giving agimat that glows on his chest compartment.
  • He acts like a speed runner was Karera.

Luxury Car modeEdit

  • He has sport-tuned motor.
  • He has air-conditioner cooler.


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