Attack Of The Lutants
Attack Of The Lutants
Writer Jill Arwen Posadas
Penciller Jomike Tejido
Inker Jomike Tejido
Letterer Jomike Tejido
Colorist Joel Chua & Teddy Pavon
Publication information
Publisher K-Zone
Pages 2
General information
Era Futuristic Philippines
Part of Foldabots Comics
Preceded by Power On Patrol
Followed by Fury Of The Elements

Attack Of The Lutants is the fourth episodic comic of the Foldabots Comics. This comic appeared in the August 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


While riding on a police car, the gang talks about the HTP and why they pose threat to humans. After arriving at the non-technologized suburban area Patrol, still in alternate mode had detected that there's is some "implant", which was behind at them. The Foldabots tried to protect their human friends from the garbage filled monster until an unknown Foldabot's torso appears which was revealed in the next episodic comic.





  • Lutant
    • Garbagator


  • Though not seen fully until the next issue, this is Liyab's 1st appearance.
  • This issue reveals that there were Lutants in the HTP's bodies yet in the previous issue Power On Patrol, it was not visible. Though, it is MAGNIFIED.