Asero 2


A Foldabot that appears in October 2013 K-Zone.


Asero is one of the Foldabots created by the kids of Neo-Republika. This muscle car takes pride in fulfilling his duties as a warrior and doing it in style. His only weakness? He is constantly worried about damaging his bright red paint job and green racing stripes.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • The agimat on ASERO's chest gives him spirit energy.
  • His arm-mounted air scoop acts as an agimat energy blaster.
  • His air scoop filters the air by collecting toxic particles, which he condenses to from his retractable blade.

Vehicle modeEdit

  • His roof conceals panels that collect solar energy.
  • His headlights feature quadruple photon blasters.


Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 4

Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 3

Create Your Own Foldabots 2-in-1 Toy!Edit

  1. Cut out all patterns along the colored outlines.
  2. FOLD along all the broken lines.
  3. GLUE Hood Sleeve to itself. Do the same for each Arm Sleeve. (Fig.1)
  4. GLUE Main Body to itself. (Fig.2)
  5. Glue Top and Hood Sleeve to Main Body as labeled. (Fig.3)
  6. GLUE Wheels to Main Body. (Fig.4)
  7. GLUE one Arm Sleeve to each Arm. (Fig.5)
  8. GLUE Arms to Main Body. (Fig.6)
  9. GLUE Air Scoop to itself. (Fig.7)


SLIP Air Scoop into Hood Sleeve.

Do NOT glue.


SLIP Blade and Air Scoop into Arm Sleeves. Do NOT glue.


    • Asero turns into Foldabot mode.
    • Asero in vehicle mode.
    Asero means "steel".
  • Though it says" Muscle car", Asero is actually a "Dodge Challenger R/T" [http://].

Preceded by Pag-asa

Followed by Tulos

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