Asero (Lutabot) is teenage policebot Lutabot, that he's stronger policebot who cut to the chase by Patrol and his friend of mine was Boxerprime. It transforms into city car in vehicle mode.

He was one policebot who lives in Ukrainian Army and they feud with the British Army or American soldiers who

"Surrender, or i'll blasts you."

decimates to being fight and foe down.


  • ZAZ-965A Zaporozhets

Horsepower: 26hp

Body style: 2-door sedan

Engine: V4 

Transmission: 4-speed manual


  • Siren emits destructive red blasts.
  • Lasers can out of his eyes.
  • Can wield a gun.
  • He has aircooled conditioner in vehicle mode.



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