The Armado clan are a group of warriors from the Dark Ages. This group, unlike the Luman Clan are ruthless people who want to destroy the lands.

Ages later, the Armado Clan was reincarnated as the Lutabots and their leader as Lu-Sho.


The logo's appearance is the same look as Dominador Cabo's helmet. It's white resembling a diamond with no lower part, It has a sort of horn pattern under the helmet and has 2 protruding horns. the logo is surrounded by the color red.



-It's obvious that mostly Lutabots are members due to the Armado Clan being the antagonists.

-Only 3 Foldabots have been revealed to once be part of the' 'Armado Clan being Dakotron, Kulog and Lobo.

-The Armado Clan appear to be partially inspired by the Spaniards.

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