Appare-Kaijintron is a mercifide and suicidal moving fortress and the crook Lutabot world-largest biggest


Appare-Kaijin had a new weapons to show no mercy.


Appare-Kaijin as Appare-Kaijintron a.k.a Fortress of Blood.

machine.Appare-Kaijintron holds his hands to megaton punch, destroy Foldabot and brings no mercy of the people like his circumstances of his awakened.

He can speaks like the Cantonese language and talks to demands people to destroy all cities.


Appare-Kaijintron has right-arm to blaze with red-coated armored,left-arm to freeze with blue-coated armored,with his legs to kick like dropkick-style and his bodied with hard-abs plate,titanium barred and lutant chest to use Lutant grasp like geyser and squirt enemies to bind energy.

His partner Lu-Sho to comfirm his plan like diabolical plan and takes to city destroyed Foldabots.


Lutabot modeEdit

  • His head to absorb energy with his horns and blasts with black bolt.
  • Pyro punches to blaze enemies.
  • Freeze punches to froze enemies and grasp armored.

Moving Fortress modeEdit

  • Titanium-armored with plate armored
  • Concealed Lasers to the back
  • Four-set standard cannons to blast nearby enemies
  • Spike-mechanical to sharp his backbreaked.

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