Amihanator's picture in the k-zone magazine

Amihanator is a female Lutabot that debut in the August 2011 issue of K-Zone.


Before being brainwashed into becoming the fierce Lutabot AMIHANATOR, she was Amihan, guardian of the skies of Neo-Republika's airports. Today she has become the terror of the skies and is Lu-Sho's most valuable Supremobot. Amihanator can disrupt communication signals and cause turbulent winds. She also turns into Kontrolion's Torso.


Amihanator is a red, yellow and white female Lutabot. She has hand fins instead of hands and fingers. She, like all Lutabots, has a life-giving Lutant splat on her chest.


  • SPEED: 4


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found in Amihanator's chest.
  • Her hand fins can spin and drill through metal.
  • Her wings can affect electromagnetic fields, disrupting the flight patterns of other airplanes.

Airplane modeEdit

  • In Airplane Mode, her wings collect energy from the sun.
  • Her turbines convert wind energy to electricity.

How to make AmihanatorEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns on the toycard.Follow the red lines.
  1. Fold along all the broken lines.
  1. GLUE Main Body to itself.
  1. GLUE the Head to Main Body.
  1. GLUE the Side Fins to the Tails as indicated,then GLUE the Top Fins to the inside of the Tails,parallel to the Side Fins.
  1. GLUE the completed Tail to the end of the Main Body.
  1. GLUE the Wings to the Main Body as labeled.
  • To bring the two sides of the Tail together,simply use a paper clip.
  • To keep nose together, use another paper clip.


  • Amihanator's old name "Amihan" means "northeast monsoon".
  • Amihanator is the second female Lutabot. The first was Sisid. Unlike the latter, Amihanator was once a Foldabot.
  • Amihanator is the first female aerial Lutabot.
  • Amihanator is the second Foldabot and the only Lutabot (not counting the minis) where her head is a separate piece. The first is Dagundong.
  • Amihanator has a "skirt" in her official artwork. Her toy form dosen't have it.
  • Amihanator is the second robot to have no hands and fingers. The first is her teammate Gaseratron.
  • Amihanator is the fifth Foldabot to change sides. the first, second, third and fourth were Sulatron, Riles, Gaseratron and Kuryenticon respectively.
  • Amihanator is the first female torso.
  • Amihanator is the first Combiner torso that is not from a Combiner leader.
  • Amihanator changed alt. mode. She was a fighter jet in pretzels and changed to Passenger plane when she reissued in K-Zone.
  • Amihanator's official artwork has her with 5 hand fins. Her toy form only has 2 fins.
  • Amihanator debuted a full year after the first female Lutabot: Sisid.


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