Here's living like Alfa.


Alfaprime is a Foldabot that transforms into Alfa Romeo Alfetta in alternate mode.However,when encountered Buhawi and his teams called "Alfabots".When he decided came been must-see speed performance their legends of hometown of Neo-Republika and born in Italian country.He is a exhortation of driving that his leading and thirst of retaliation,to fight Lutabot bullies and destroyed Lu-sho.He skilled and powers with life-giving agimat in his chest and equipped a rifle gun turns with a light bullets.In alternate mode,he skilled with technique a chop in his hands and knee lift with his elbow in legs.


  • His life-living agimat found in ALFAPRIME's chest plate.
  • His agimat equips,and find anything weapons and blasts turns into light bullets.
  • His hands to chop.
  • His legs to knee lift with one elbow.
  • He has V6-tuned motor.
  • Headlights to flash has night vision.
  • Drift-wheels to turns left to right or right to left turn.

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