Akatsukiroid was the member with the rest of Lutabots in the comrade of this battle. He is the meanest,scheme




Bomber is on the rage.

 also that he was freakiest Lutabot that he wears eagle mask and he gazed to paralyzed Foldabots to destroy Neo-Republika. Akatsukiroid is one of the evil-maniac as the baddest Lutabot and his rehired to Lu-Sho's job. He transformed into Middle Class Bomber.


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • His eyes have psybeam and paralyzed Foldabots.
  • His sharp claws to scratch any vehicles.
  • The lutant splat on his chest plate.

Bomber ModeEdit

  • Has bombs to dropped through the city.
  • Firing torpedoes launches through buildings.
  • His cruiser missiles launches enemies.

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