Agoso is younger Foldabot and he was a dolphin in alternate mode, who knows that his lover Alona and he is

Agoso who lives in icy lake and he sees in Icy mountain with snowy flakes.

Agoso's girlfriend. He raised Alona as his own teaches and acts like a dolphin speak like laughing and he over-protective living to himself, It is said that he can teaches control aqua mammals and turn them into another foldabot army or cavalry of the deep. He was a dolphin in mammal mode.


  • Flippers can slaps multiple.
  • Powerful optic sensors can see through murky ocean depths.
  • Ultra-strong sonar emitter.
  • Dolphin tail can slap through enemies.
  • Communicate with sea organism


  • Agoso's root " agos " might be meaning was flowly stream.

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